How To Win An Online Auction

Every single auction is different, this is dependent on who is bidding, and this means that there is no particular trick to use for you to win an online auction. To win an online auction, it takes patience, persistence, careful planning, and observation. Online auction is not only competitive but is also quite popular. Did you know that you can be able to win an expensive electronic device that has up to 90% discount?

It vital that you note; there are online auction sites for the big dogs and those for individuals who haven’t won an auction before. Everyone bids differently; however, it’s not all the bidders who take time to learn how bidding works.

Principles of winning an online auction

  1. Tour the online auction website

website mapAs you take a tour, check the goods that are on auction, taking note of the Big Dogs and the frequent winners. You will need to note down Big Dog’s country and nickname; you should also note times when product winning is at low prices. Look at the auction schedule and plan on attending one, ensure that you keep in mind time zone difference.

There are particular auction sites for beginners, ensure that you familiarize yourself with the acronyms which include the following:

  • 1WA auction is for individuals who haven’t won yet
  • New- New item
  • DP- Double MRP(Member Rewards Points)
  • NAB- No auto-bidder auction
  • Jr- Junior auction, limited to members with nine wins or less
  • Big Dog- Open bidding even when you have reached your standard win limit- maximum of 1 Big Dog win in a day
  1. Watch an online auction

You should know how an auction countdown timer works; it can be tricky. As the clock starts and ends several times before the auction ends. You can use the bid log to check the number of bidders present. Never assume- no one is bidding; this is because most bidders will wait until the end; observe the strategy and behavior of bidders.Online auctions strategy

  1. Know the strategies used

Most bidders will start to withdraw if they see Big Dog present in an auction. Bidders begin to bid when they hear ‘Going once. Going twice.’ Do not bid at the beginning of an online auction, instead bid not less than 5 seconds remaining in a bid.

  1. Schedule time to bid

Choose a time to bid, when you know you won’t be interrupted, ensure that your computer is working efficiently. Go for 1WA auction or junior auction to get the best chance of winning.

  1. Set up a budgetOnline auctions budget

You need to be aware of the value of the product on auction. When using an Auto-Bidder, be careful as you can end up losing more money than you had expected. When bidding, do not be overly excited leading to you engaging in a bidding war. You will end up losing more money.


Online auction is an excellent and accessible way of getting products at a 90% discount. However, you need to be careful as you can end up losing a lot of money. Online auction requires you as the bidder to practice patience, persistence, and observation, to have the best chances in winning.



Introduction To Online Auction websites

Introduction To Online Auction websites

Online auctions antique auctionAn online auction provides products or services to buyers who make online payments for goods bought. The goods and services could be from commercial or individual enterprises. Auctioning in websites requires utilization of complex auction software, which records bids and notifies the bidder if their bid matches or is beyond the required price.

Before the introduction of online auction websites, auctions were carried out in predefined places. The participants were to send their bids through fax or telephone; they also had to connect to the location where the auction was taking place. Auctioning pieces of art and antique from dealers and estates are common in auction houses.

Online auctions confiscated goodsCurrently, auction items can include confiscated goods, items from leftover in storages, properties sized due to foreclosures and products collected by law enforcing agencies. There are also cases of individuals auctioning household gadgets, furniture, and goods.

There are standard types of online auctions; however, there is a different format for auction websites. Several online auction websites are popular and have a good reputation through the provision of large assortments of products. Apart from the commodities, they are popular due to secure bidding system that they provide. A systematic investigation and prosecution of any fake sellers and buyers is done; therefore protecting their customer’s private data.Online auctions confiscated goods2

Formats for online auctions

  1. Selling of goods in real time auctions, it’s the most common auctioning system; it requires the participant to be present. This auction follows a broadcast from a real auction house; this auction requires pre-registration to participate in the auction.
  2. Person-to-person sale, this does not involve professional sellers. In this auction, people are offering goods such as books, clothes, cars, and household items for sale. An individual with the highest bid gets the item. Most users believe that this kind of online auction is worthwhile as it offers good deals.
  3. Commercial auctions are another option which is preferred by retailers and wholesalers. This auction is ideal for getting rid of large numbers of refurbished products. Excess goods or items that are not in production are available at attractive prices in the commercial online auction. However, buyers are to purchase the items according to the terms and conditions of the seller.

Auctioning process is simple, English format auction is utilized to manage online auction.

Selling Your Old Items At Home Through Online Auction

There are quite several transactions which were in the jurisdiction of physical contact; however, at the moment they are in a computer-generated world known as the internet. Today, you don’t necessarily have to leave your home for you to make a purchase. Currently, even store owners don’t require a brick and mortar store for them to sell items. All this is made possible by the World Wide Web.

Online auctions ebayWith online auction sites, you are now in a position of bidding on items that you want. For online auction, one of the biggest names is eBay. This is the first site that comes to mind for individuals, looking to sell utilized products or those interested in bidding on products. Online auction sites are convenient in purchasing and selling brand new or used items, in the comfort of your home.

Having opted for online auction you can be able to save energy that is physical energy or fuel for your vehicle and time. You don’t have to fight for parking space or wait in the long queues to pay the product you’re purchasing.

How to sell items in online auction sites

Online auctions garage-sale-151190_640Do you have items at home that you don’t use anymore, and they still look new? You can sell them off in virtual auction sites.  This is if you don’t have a blog to post the items or write details about them and waiting for the readers to purchase them. Selling of used products through online auction is more appropriate as you get excellent deals for your items.

Being in an auction system, you’ll have to wait for individuals to make their bids on the products you’re selling. You will give the product to the individual who has the highest bid; closing a sale isn’t the end of the process. You will need to settle with the buyer of the commodity shipping issues of the product. You can opt for regular mail, express mail or in case the speed of delivery is essential you can go for courier service.Online auctions virtual auction

Do you have used items lying around in your home? Sell them in online auction sites to a new owner and making some cash in the process.



 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Online Auction

 Ways Your Business Can Benefit From Online Auction.

With the so many online auctions sites on the internet, you might think they are enough. However, there are still more still popping up. Most people opt for online auction, as they get great bargains; businesses are also appreciating online auction sites. The following consists of ways your business can benefit from an online auction

  1. Getting rid of excess inventory

Online auctions Selling your productYou can choose to sell your obsolete or surplus products in an online auction. Having unsold inventory does not do you any good when it’s just sitting there accumulating dust. Online auction is an effective way for you to get an extra income, helping you not to incur a total loss of your products. You might be lucky enough and end up making a profit; this is dependent on the bidding of people on your inventory.

  1. Test pricing for new products

One of the ways that you can be able to test for prices of new items is checking how much people are willing to bid on them in an online auction. You will sell your products in three different online auctions, and then calculate the average selling bid of the item from the three online auctions. You will have obtained your selling price for a product.

  1. Start your online auction

Online auctions startDrive traffic to your website by having a  private online auction. Individuals will visit your website to sell their products and find excellent bargains for themselves. There will be a lot of repeat visitors, who are individual rebidding on items and adding new products for sell. You can also charge businesses to advertise on your website.

  1. Lower your business cost

At online auction sites, you can get lower prices for business supplies and equipment. This, however, is not all the time, but before you buy a new printer from a retailer, try to bid on the product first. This is essential as you can get a company selling them at a lower price in an online auction as they have excess inventory.

  1. Selling your product

Online auctions business costBy selling at an online auction, you are getting your commodity to a large audience. Big auction sites have over a million hits in a year, to make successful sales, have your items in multiple online auction sites at the same time.

Online auction sites are an excellent way of ensuring that your business sells its products fast. You can also make money by selling products that you have sitting around at home. You also get access to locating different products at lower prices than on retail stores.